Read more about our OS students, both past and present, that chose to serve their countries. We are grateful to have such a diverse group in OS, and to have the ability to learn what brought them to Organizational Studies!

Why Did You Take the Path of Service?

I'm eternally grateful for the sacrifices that countless men and women have made in the line of duty throughout our country's history. They’ve inspired me to do what I can to ensure that their sacrifices are not in vain. I chose to serve in order to contribute to the protection and continuation of the freedoms we all enjoy as citizens of the United States.

Why Did You Choose Organiztional Studies?

In coming to U-M, I wanted to integrate my prior experiences and knowledge of organizations with a thorough education in organizational psychology, sociology, and positive leadership. Organizational Studies is a major that allows me to gain a comprehensive understanding of how people and organizations function in order to be an effective leader and bring about positive change.

What Skills Did You Gain in Service That You Feel Have Benefited You in Your Education?

The discipline I gained through my time in service has certainly payed dividends. However, I believe perspective has been the most valuable benefit of service. Joining the military has allowed me to meet people and have experiences I never would have had without joining. My understanding of people and the world has given me direction and allows me to make the most of my education.


What Would You Like the U-M Community to Know About Service Men and Women?

I would encourage everyone to reach out and get to know their veteran community. I think military veterans have valuable stories to tell and perspectives to share. My story is just one in thousands upon thousands that are all worth sharing. 

Why Did You Take the Path of Service?

I chose to serve as a Peacekeeper for the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) because I wanted to pursue my interest in building up my global perspective. The Peacekeeping mission provided a unique opportunity in interacting with military personnel and civilian employees of 45 different troops contributing countries, whom all strived in unison to meet the organizational goal of maintaining international peace and security.


Why Did You Choose Organiztional Studies?

I wished to take part in a harmonious community that shares the interest in exploring and exchanging diverse perspectives built up from one's unparalleled experiences. Learning that the Organizational Studies program embraces passionate students in a close-knitted cohort of peers, mentors, and faculty, all of whom synergies one another to thrive as a consolidated community, I chose to add my unique presence to the program.


What Skills Did You Gain in Service That You Feel Have Benefited You in Your Education?

Some of the skills that I have developed throughout my time in the military were discipline and persistence. The two skills have benefited me in my education through providing me the insights into recognizing what it takes to achieve my short-term and long-term objectives. With my military experience, excuses that I made up in the past to justify my procrastination seldom happened, and I grew into an endeavoring individual to accomplish what it took to reach my personal success.

OS '16 Alum

Brandon Joseff

A little about Brandon's experience in OS as a Military Veteran...

By majoring in Organizational Studies with a focus on Human Capital and Psychology at the University of Michigan, I have been able to master how to tie in Human Capital and HR Strategy, with the business strategy of a company.

I was in the IDF as a combat soldier of a special forces anti-tank unit. After serving in the military, I bring an unparalleled work ethic that has been partnered with learning the current best practices in the field from some of the top HR staff in the country.