The Andy and Ellyn Lansing Leader-Scholar award is given to a rising senior who demonstrates academic excellence in the classroom and leadership qualities in the Organizational Studies Program and/or larger University of Michigan community. Winners of this award are chosen by the OS faculty and staff. 

Get to know Kathy!

Majors/Minors: Double Major in Organizational Studies & Sociology—Law, Justice, and Social Change

OS Activities/Clubs: Women in Leadsership (WiL) member

U-M Activities/Clubs: Barger Leadership Institute, Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, +Lab, Smile Bringer Singers, Alternative Spring Break, Development Summer Internship Program (D-SIP), Public Service Intern Program (PSIP), American Friends Services Committee with Project Committee4

Outside U-M: HR Internship with Cisco Systems

We talked to Kathy about receiving this award and how it will impact her final year as an undergrad in OS...


"Being a part of Organizational Studies (OS) has been one of the greatest privileges that has transformed my life. As a low-income, first-gen student, I would not be where I am today if it weren't for the OS community that has simultaneously helped me unearth myself and push myself to maximize every opportunity that has come my way. This includes the alumni who have led me to my dream job, the faculty who have supported and fed my academic curiosities, the staff who have helped make Michigan financially possible, and the peers that have become lifelong friends. Therefore, it is an immense honor to be the recipient of the Lansing Leader Scholarship this year and to know that I am so supported in so many realms of my life through OS — personally, professionally, and academically. 

With my final year having some semblance of normalcy, I hope to make the most of it by cherishing the remaining time I have on the 8th floor of Weiser with the OS community, knowing that time together can't be taken for granted."