Professor Elizabeth Armstrong received two honors for her book, Paying for the Party, at this year's American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. The book was the winner of the Distinguished Scholarly Contribution Award from the ASA Section on Children and Youth, and it also received an Honorable Mention for the Max Weber Award from the Section on
Organizations, Occupation, and Work.

OS Director Mark Mizruchi's book The Fracturing of the American Corporate Elite received the George R. Terry Book Award by the Academy of Management. This award is given to the best book in the field of management over the previous two years.

Professor Jason Owen-Smith
was selected by the LSA Executive Committee as a recipient of the John Dewey Award. This award is given to a small number of faculty members during their promotions from associate to full professor, in recognition of their "long-term commitment to the  education of undergraduate students." The committee cited Jason for, among other things, his work with the Barger Leadership Institute, his curriculum development (especially his course on leadership), and his outstanding undergraduate teaching. 

Please join us in congratulating our distinguished faculty for their well-deserved awards!