Each year the OS program employs two peer mentors whose job is to advise fellow OS students on a variety of issues and to share information about the program with prospective students.Tasks include: holding Concentration Pathway workshops, meeting with prospective students, and building community between the OS cohorts.

Hours: 5-6/week
Pay: $10/hour. Work study funding is not required to apply for this position.
Eligibility: OS rising seniors who will be on campus for the entire 2013-14 year.

Application: Submit a resume and cover letter that describes your qualifications for and interest in this position to Melissa Eljamal (eljamalm@umich.edu). Prior experience in mentoring, advising, or teaching is desirable, but other relevant work is acceptable. Final selections will be made by the end of fall term. Note: At least one member of the peer mentor team is represented at the orientation for newly admitted OS students on the evening of Wednesday, March 13, 2013.

Please feel free to contact Melissa Eljamal (eljamalm@umich.edu) with questions.