OS seniors Stephanie Spehar and Brad Wisselman are the OS Peer Mentors for the 2012-2013 academic Year.

Stephanie’s pathway on Organizational Culture within Health Care Systems reflects her pre-med academic aspirations. She serves on the Student Health Advisory Council, and volunteers at the Robert J. Delonis Shelter in their health clinic. She has done research as part of the Forum for Youth investment to strengthen youth programming in Ypsilanti and addressed mental health disparities of women in the Accra region of Ghana through the GIEU program. She brings a host of mentoring experience through her three-year involvement in the Michigan Mentorship program and is an active member of the First Generation College Students at UM.

Brad’s OS concentration pathway looks at Organizational Leadership and Management in Changing Environments. He also has academic minors in Chinese and the Program in the Environment. His mentorship experience was obtained as a student Mentor in Hillel’s Mensch/Menschee Mentorship Program. His interest in sustainability brought him to Beijing, China for two months where he worked with architects to make the Pearl River Valley a more sustainable village. He serves on the Executive Council for Global China Connection, where he works to foster business alliances between Chinese students and American students. He is a member of the Organizational Studies Student Advisory Board.