We have just received approval from the LSA Curriculum Committee on some changes to the OS Curriculum.  These changes will be effective for Fall 2012, and provide a few new course options for you for fall registration.

Every three years, the OS Curriculum Committee reviews each Cluster area in the OS curriculum with the goal of updating the curriculum so that it continues to meet the needs of OS students and provide the best educational options for the program.  During these reviews, we recommend certain courses to delete and certain courses to add in each Cluster.  

Deletions may be based on several factors: 

1) Lack of regular offerings of the course.
2) Lack of spaces for OS students in the course.
3) Lack of enrollment by OS students.

*If you have taken a course that is being deleted from the curriculum, you may still count it toward their OS degree.*

If you wish in the future to take a course that was previously on the curriculum but has been deleted, you should notify OS Concentration Advisor, Cathy Philbin that you wish to have the course included in your OS concentration.  Again, courses are not typically deleted because their content is not acceptable for OS, but because OS students have not been enrolling in the course for one of the reasons above.

Deleted Cluster B Courses
Econ 471 Environmental Economics
History/RCSSCI 310 Globalization in History
Polsci 317 Courts, Politics and Society
Polsci 322 Legislative Process
RCSSCI 302 Contemp Social Culture & Theory
Soc 417 Social Networks

Deleted Cluster C Courses
Comm 454 Media Economics
HMP 602 Survey of US Health Care System
MO 317 Teamwork in Organizations
Orgstudy 395 Current Issues in Org Studies
Orgstudy 498 OS Honors Research II (moved to Research)
Polsci 368 Coop & Confl in International Systems
Polsci 432 Law and Public Policy
Soc 440 Sociology of Work

Additions are courses that OS students have petitioned successfully in the last several years, or that have come to our attention as good potential OS courses through other means, and which have been investigated by the OS Curriculum Committee members for appropriate organizational content and plans for regular offerings.  

*If any student has completed a course previously that now appears as an addition to the curriculum, please notify OS Concentration Advisor, Cathy Philbin and she can added it to your curriculum progress checklist.*

New Cluster A Courses
Cmplxsys 270  Agent-Based Modeling
Mkt 313  Consumer Behavior
OS 405 Negotiations
OS 415 Networking

New Cluster B Courses
Amcult 399  Race, Racism, and Ethncity
Anthrcul/Ling  Language in Society
Anthrcul 331 Kinship, Soc Org, and Society
Cmplxsys/Soc 260 Social Dynamics
Orgstudy 420 Non-profit Organizations
Polsci 301 Development of Political Thought
Polsci 314 American Political Parties

New Cluster C Courses
ES 395 Entrepreneurial Management
Fin 300 Financial Management
HMP 200 Intro to Public Health
MO 302 Leading People & Organizations
Psych 476 Positivie Psychology
PubPol 201 Strategic Thinking
Soc 489 Organizing: People, Power & Change
Strategy 310 World Economy
SW 300 Leadership in Nonprofit Sector