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Where to Look

Eyes on the Prize
Wondering where to find an internship? There are great resources available to you on campus and off. And don’t forget, as a Wolverine, you’re part of a network of hundreds of thousands of alumni performing a range of exciting jobs across the globe. The opportunities are there for the taking!

Build Your Network

Networking is one of the most effective ways to find a position. Most job openings are not posted on job boards, so it’s essential to have connections with people in the industry. Effective ways to build your network are through LinkedIn, attending recruiting events or info sessions, and reaching out to people in the industry for informational meetings.

Popular Job Boards


External resources for finding internships are available as well. Professional associations related to your field of interest are a great place to start. Visit websites of specific companies to view jobs advertised there. Included here are a few of the more popular online job boards that encompass a variety of fields.