"Put simply, business majors seem to be graduating with some of the technical skills they’ll need to secure jobs, but without having made the gains in writing or critical-thinking skills they’ll require to succeed over the course of their careers, or to adapt as their technical skills become outdated and the nature of the opportunities they have shifts over time." - Yoni Appelbaum, Senior Editor at The Atlantic

In this June 2016 article in The Atlantic, Yoni Appelbaum discusses the value of a liberal arts education for students wishing to pursue a career in business. He shows that, while a degree from a business school may help students land their first entry-level job after graduation, businesses are increasingly seeking out liberal arts majors for higher level positions down the road. "Businesses want workers who have 'the ability to think, the ability to write, the ability to understand the cultural or historical context of whatever business decision they’re making,' added Rachel Reiser, assistant dean at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business."

A liberal arts education through the College of LSA provides students with the foundation to be successful throughout their careers and lives. LSA teaches students the skills needed to adapt to the changing world and communicate effectively--skills that businesses are seeking.

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