"A prestigious degree. Fascinating classes. Thrilling football games and an undeniable energy on campus. These were the things that attracted me to the University of Michigan. As a first-generation student from a small town, becoming a Wolverine meant that I was going to have the education and opportunities my parents never had. It meant that I would be more likely to get a job after graduating, and that I would have the option to move outside of my town or even the state. Little did I realize that the knowledge and practical skills I would learn weren’t all that came with a diploma." - Victoria Rilett, current Organizational Studies LSA student

In this blog post form the LSA Young Alumni Tumblr, current LSA student Victoria Rilett discusses the value of connecting with LSA alumni in order to secure an eye-opening internship experience with LSA alum and co-founder of Kalido.

The LSA Opportunity Hub facilitates connections like these to connect talented current LSA students with alumni who understand the value of a liberal arts education.

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