"Everyone tells students 'follow your passion,' as if that statement makes it all clear. The thinking is that if the work you are meant to do is so closely related to who you are, shouldn’t it be self-evident? But, in my experience, that is not so. Finding your passion is a discovery process, and you need to foster this understanding of yourself. I am not talking about a big bang moment of self-understanding but rather the kind of self-understanding that grows over time as you mature into who you are to become professionally -- the deep ease that comes over time as you progress in a career path that seems more and more a fit." - Paula Wishart, LSA Assistant Dean

In this article published by Inside Higher Ed in July 2016, LSA Assistant Dean Paula Wishart discusses how to "follow your passion" and find work you love. The LSA Opportunity Hub fosters these practices to guide students as they seek out their passions to inform their future careers.

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