The world of tech and its many career opportunities will be the subject of a five-day flash internship hosted by the LSA Opportunity Hub from April 29 to May 4. This Silicon Valley experience gives students an inside look at the full breadth of work available to liberal arts and sciences students in the industry.

Flash internships are rapid, on-site experiences that provide students a chance to work and network with the top professionals in a given field.

For this iteration, twelve LSA students were selected to participate. During their time in San Francisco they’ll visit Pinterest, Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix, PagerDuty, Google, and other companies to learn from U-M alums, work on case studies and day-long projects, and explore the many facets of tech—including recruiting, content strategy, and operations.

“Flash internships provide a pivot point for students—a chance to quickly and intensively explore an industry and make important connections,” said Paula Wishart, LSA’s assistant dean for student development and career initiatives, who heads the LSA Opportunity Hub. “These types of experiences can be very defining in a student's career trajectory. And it’s especially helpful because they’re interacting with LSA alums who’ve been in their shoes. Alumni are essential in these experiences.”

Flash internships are completely free to students thanks to the dedication of LSA donors.

The LSA students participating in the Hub’s Flash Internship: 5 Days in Tech are:


Ayat AL-Tamimi

Ayat AL-Tamimi is an undergraduate researcher at the Bridges Lab in the School of Public Health’s nutritional sciences department who works on a project titled “Assessing the Mechanisms Underlying Glucocorticoid Insulin Resistance in Skeletal Muscle.” Ayat believes this work can help the scientific and medical community to better understand steroid hormones, and attempt to mitigate their negative effects, such as insulin resistance, while maintaining their positive ones, such as being used for treatments in autoimmune diseases. Ayat is also an accomplished writer, having won the 2016 Barrett Writing Award and the Video Poetry Scholarship, as well as being published in Z-Publishing’s Michigan’s Best Emerging Poets anthology and the Big Read-Dearborn’s upcoming publication. Ayat is pursuing a major in biology, health, and society and a minor in history of art.

Kate Austin

Kate Austin is an honors women’s studies student who works on researching queer subculture art and performance in America to increase the amount of scholarly literature available in queer and women’s studies arenas. Kate believes that historical and sociological research have the ability to positively influence how people connect with one another and can create knowledge that pushes society towards a more inclusive and empathetic state. Kate has actively worked with campus activist groups such as the Lecturers Employee Organization (LEO) and RADFUN to urge the University of Michigan to ensure that minority students and all employees have access to equitable wages and living conditions in Ann Arbor. Kate is an awarded Provost Leadership Academy student who prides herself on being the first in her family to attend university. 

Michael Azimi

Michael Azimi is a University of Michigan student who conducts biomedical research to find pathways that will inhibit cancerous cells from reproducing and to test drugs that are potentially helpful in curing cancer. Michael believes this work is important because the results from the research provide deeper insight into how various types of cancer affect the human body, how to take steps to stop it, and has the potential to save thousands of lives. Michael has presented his research in front of colleagues and other researchers and has been invited back this summer to be a research fellow at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. Michael was trained at the National Institutes of Health and hopes to continue implementing relevant technology into his work. Michael is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Fatima Bouhamdan

Fatima Bouhamdan is a rising sophomore who works as an instructional aide for the course EECS 183-Elementary Programming Concepts to help foster and develop a passion for computing and technology in students. Having had outstanding teachers who help developed her passion, Fatima understands how important it is to have a mentor, especially for underrepresented minorities. She believes that she can help mentor these students and hopes to increases representation of minorities in different fields of study, especially STEM fields. Fatima is also an active member of several student organizations on campus that help foster a welcoming community on campus for Arab Americans, including the Arab Student Association and the Islamophobia Working Group. Fatima intends on pursuing computer science, with a minor in biology.

Cameron Cox

Cameron Cox is a student exploring the world of business and communications in hopes to bring more representation of black women into the fashion industry. Cameron believes that this industry fails to produce and market products that appeal to working class minorities in urban areas and would like to ensure that this issue is reduced. Cameron knows how essential it is to be well rounded and have enough experience in business and tech to complete this goal. Cameron has been involved in campus organizations like Preparation Initiative and Black Business Undergraduate Society to help enhance her business proficiency and become more acquainted with representatives from various professions. Cameron is currently an aspiring business major and African American Studies minor.

Parmida Davarmanesh

Parmida Davarmanesh is a transfer student at the University of Michigan whose focus is not only successfully finishing her studies, but also to get the most out of her college experience by taking advantage of as many opportunities and activities as possible. Parmida currently works as a research assistant at a biophysics lab at the University of Michigan. Aside from developing leadership skills and being an independent learner, Parmida values open-mindedness, liberal education, and the ability to have difficult dialogues, so she tries to initiate and engage in intercultural, interfaith, and philosophical dialogues whenever she gets the chance. Parmida has served on the Student Senate at her previous college, where she hosted the Persian New Year event on her campus for the first time, which won the “Best Cultural Program of the Year” award. Parmida is majoring in applied mathematics with a minor in physics, and intends on pursuing a Ph.D. in either computational biology or applied mathematics.

Natalie Lampa

Natalie Lampa is an undergraduate researcher who works with Michigan Medicine’s Department of Learning Health Sciences on the Knowledge Grid team to analyze the performance of lung cancer risk prediction models with real world data by building a scoring tool and utilizing descriptive statistics. Natalie knows the creation of health infrastructures is significant in this age of increasingly available data and technological advancements, and has developed the scoring tool in Python with her partner throughout the 2017-18 school year. Natalie is pursuing a degree in computer science and Asian Studies.

Aashia Mehta

Aashia Mehta is a rising sophomore at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor who works on computer science projects to better society. Aashia creates self-improvement pamphlets in her free time and is largely interested in mobile application development. Aashia is an active member of GEECS, Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and participates in the professional committee by holding research lab tours. She is also the director of MHacks, one of the largest collegiate hackathons in the country. She is majoring in computer science.

Kunsang Namdol

Kunsang Namdol is a junior majoring in biopsychology, cognition, and neuroscience, interested in the field of user experience design. She is passionate about UX design because it is a creative and collaborative process that aims to create products and digital applications with the user’s needs in mind. Her interest in the field was solidifed after she participated the Gupta Family Hackathon for Health Communication, where she co-created and proposed prototypes of a multiplayer gaming app. The app was targeted towards adolescent patients with chronic illnesses to address the problem of low adherence rates to medications and doctors’ orders by incentivizing compliance with in-game accomplishments. In the past, Kunsang also participated in a multidisciplinary design jam where she learned to effectively work with colleagues from various fields and clearly communicate with stakeholders. In her spare time, Kunsang has been learning more about UX design through listening to podcasts, taking online courses, and working on her personal blog and website.

Shameek Ray

Shameek Ray is a rising junior studying computer science and entrepreneurship with the aim of learning more about the intersection between technology and strategy. Starting with his extensive toy collection as a child, Shameek has always been interested in products—how any product was created, why it was built that specific way, and who it was intended for. Since then, his interest in products has shifted from toys to today’s latest technology innovations. Shameek is motivated by the power technology has in not only connecting people across the world together, but also by its ability to improve people’s lives. After college, Shameek hopes to build products as an engineer or as a product manager at a company who prioritizes innovation through great design and user experience. On campus, Shameek is involved as a project manager at 180 Degrees Consulting and a member of Kappa Theta Pi Professional Technology Fraternity.

Jalen White

Jalen White is a sophomore transfer student currently studying computer science in the College of LSA at the University of Michigan. Jalen believes that diversity in STEM is essential and works to introduce more young people of color to STEM topics. He volunteers with campus organization STEM Society, which brings students from the metro Detroit area and dedicates a day to teaching STEM topics, giving tours, and discussing campus life. He’s also involved with the Black Student Union and National Society of Black Engineers and seeks to provide resources to other black students on campus. Jalen believes that his liberal arts education coincides perfectly with his engineering major. As the tech industry continues to grow into world leaders, companies will begin to face humanitarian problems as well as technical. Jalen believes that a liberal arts and engineering education will place him in a position to tackle these problems as they arise. This summer Jalen looks forward to interning with local start-up Trove as a mobile development intern.

Amanda (Yue) Yao

Amanda (Yue) Yao is a rising sophomore double-majoring in financial mathematics and economics with a minor in computer science. An international transfer student, Amanda takes great efforts to express her passion in STEM fields. She volunteers as an after-school tutor at 826Michigan helping students from elementary school to high school with their homework, especially math and science; she works as a food server in a dining hall, which helped her develop an interesting relationship between customer service and social media; and she plans to apply for a computer consultant position in the dining hall to fix some problems she found and add new things to the system. She also plans to be a math tutor for linear algebra to help upcoming students with proof techniques and deepen her own understanding. In her free time, Amanda enjoys building her network on the Michigan campus and exploring all it has to offer, through career events, alumni networking, and internships.