The world of tech and its many career opportunities will be the subject of a five-day flash internship hosted by the LSA Opportunity Hub from April 29 to May 4. This Silicon Valley experience gives students an inside look at the full breadth of work available to liberal arts and sciences students in the industry.

Flash internships are rapid, on-site experiences that provide students a chance to work and network with the top professionals in a given field.

For this iteration, twelve LSA students were selected to participate. During their time in San Francisco they’ll visit Pinterest, Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix, PagerDuty, Google, and other companies to learn from U-M alums, work on case studies and day-long projects, and explore the many facets of tech—including recruiting, content strategy, and operations.

“Flash internships provide a pivot point for students—a chance to quickly and intensively explore an industry and make important connections,” said Paula Wishart, LSA’s assistant dean for student development and career initiatives, who heads the LSA Opportunity Hub. “These types of experiences can be very defining in a student's career trajectory. And it’s especially helpful because they’re interacting with LSA alums who’ve been in their shoes. Alumni are essential in these experiences.”

Flash internships are completely free to students thanks to the dedication of LSA donors.

The LSA students participating in the Hub’s Flash Internship: 5 Days in Tech are: