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  • It will be the coordinators’ responsibility to update the website with any new info that arises within teams in order to reflect the real-time status of Hub services and offerings
  • The homepage is managed exclusively by the Comms team and is updated according to our AY23-24 Communications calendar and the Hub’s thematic calendar
  • Coordinators are only to update the copy (text and buttons only) to maintain accuracy of information but are not to delete/add new pages; change imagery; alter the structure of the page; adjust the order or spacing of components; add or delete sections; or change page properties (even though we’re covering how to do a decent chunk above). Uploading files to the DAM for linking is fine (do not delete or move other files). Our motivation in these restrictions is to maintain design consistency and reduce the chance of accidental content deletion (FYI AEM is kinda janky).
  • If you need changes outside of this, either with default AEM components or come across a custom component that needs updating, then fill out a request in our CU website edit form. For VERY urgent requests, slack Mike (@mgdrake) directly. Also, if you are lost on anything website-related, Mike is more than happy to take those questions via slack.