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Davis Projects for Peace

The Davis Projects for Peace initiative was made possible by Kathryn Davis, an accomplished internationalist and philanthropist who was committed to providing the resources to today's student leaders for actionable project ideas. Mrs. Davis envisioned this program in 2007, when she was turning 100: "I want to use my 100th birthday to help young people launch some immediate initiatives that could bring new thinking to the prospects for peace in the world." Based on the success of the initiative, it continues now in her memory.

Projects for Peace are summer-long projects designed and implemented by undergraduate students passionate about peace in their communities and around the globe. The initiative hopes to prepare students as ethical global leaders by providing the resources to execute innovative grassroots project ideas. These projects, as defined by students, creatively address worldwide peace efforts providing sustainable solutions to contemporary society.  Selected proposals will receive a  grant of up to $10,000 from the Davis United World Scholars Program.

Institutional Endorsement: Projects for Peace does not allow direct applications; institutional nomination is required.  The University of Michigan  selection committee will submit one student proposal to be considered at the national level.

U-M ContactDave Waterhouse, Ginsberg Center.

Application Instructions: The Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning administers the selection process for U-M nomination.  Please see this page in MJoin for application instructions.

(Pictured: Syrian refugee women in a healing circle as part of QUWA, the 2014 Project for Peace.)