This year, ONSF is proud to announce two recipients of the U-M STEM Research Career Award! Congratulations to Annie Xu (Math, '20) and Lindsey Lammlin (Biochemistry and Earth & Environmental Science, WN'20) on their achievements as the 2nd and 3rd recipients of this award. 

This award was created in 2018 to support highly qualified undergraduate students who plan to pursue a PhD and research career in a STEM fields.  The scholarship provides $5000 for summer research or other academic expenses. The scholarship does not require US citizenship; it is open to students from all nationalities and backgrounds.  The U-M STEM Research Career Award application and letters of recommendation are also used to select U-M’s nominees for the Goldwater and Astronaut Scholarships from among eligible applicants. 

Annie Xu

Photo provided by Annie Xu, 2020

Annie is a rising senior majoring in Honors Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science.

An international student from Chengdu, China, Annie says this award is a great opportunity to demonstrate her research abilities as similar awards require US citizenship.

Through her work as a researcher, Annie has learned to respect failure as an integral part of research, but she says, “One should never be hindered by fear of failure.” Annie's Honors Thesis, “Research in Random Iterated Block Matrices” done at the 2019 SMALL REU, is advised by Prof. Steven J. Miller.

Annie thanks Prof. Stephen DeBacker who has been an amazing mentor and urged her to apply for the U-M STEM RCA. She also thanks Prof. David Barrett, Prof. Sergey Fomin, and Prof. Mark Rudelson who have taught her to appreciate the elegance and rigor of math.

During her time on campus, Annie has worked as a grader for Math 295, 296, 297 and used her time to help out in various math outreach programs on campus. She hopes to pursue an Applied Math and Operations Research PhD.

Lindsey Lammlin

Photo provided by Lindsey Lammlin, 2020

Lindsey is a rising senior with double major in Biochemistry and Earth & Environmental Science.

Lindsey applied for the U-M STEM RCA as a way to further challenge herself and develop her scientific writing and communication skills. She says, “This application process has further confirmed that a career in research is the right path for me.”

After completion of the application, specifically the research statement, Lindsey says she realized how proud she was of everything that she has accomplished so far. Receiving the U-M STEM Research Career Award was just an added bonus.

Through the U-M STEM RCA application, Lindsey was selected as one of four U-M nominees for the Goldwater Scholarship and Astronaut Scholarship, but declined the nomination due to her anticipated early graduation in December 2020. Following her undergraduate career, Lindsey hopes to pursue a PhD in Pharmacology.

Lindsey would like to thank Dr. Tristan Maerz for his continued support.