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Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Minor 

Academic Minor Program (16 credits)

The academic minor in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures provides students with the opportunity of gaining fundamental knowledge of Near East civilizations through the study of lower and upper level language and humanities courses in one of the three divisions within the Department of Near Eastern Studies: Ancient Civilizations and Biblical Studies; Arabic, Armenian, Persian, Turkish, and Islamic Studies; and Hebrew and Jewish Cultural Studies.

Prerequisites MIDEAST 200: Introduction to the Middle East and three terms of a Near Eastern Language (Classical Hebrew, Akkadian + Sumerian, Middle Egyptian, Arabic, Armenian, Persian, Turkish, or Modern Hebrew)

Minor Requirements At least 16 credits of courses to be selected from the following two  categories:

  • Near Eastern Language The fourth term of the Near Eastern language selected for the  prerequisite 
  • Near Eastern Culture: At least three courses in the same area as the language selected for the prerequisite, one of which must be at the 400- or 500-level (i.e. courses on Arabic culture and society if studying Arabic language)