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Diversifying Academia

Our efforts in this area are focused on increasing the representation of scholars who are committed to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education—both in the academy broadly and in leadership positions. Initiatives focus on conducting research on and implementing mechanisms to enhance the creation of diverse, equitable, and inclusive campuses, building a community of diversity scholars, and highlighting the value of diversity scholarship in academe. Efforts and initiatives include:

NCID Postdoctoral Program

This program brings early-career visiting postdoctoral fellows to the University of Michigan to engage in a vibrant community of diversity scholars across the campus. Scholars engage in their own program of diversity scholarship, as well as engage in NCID initiatives and research.

LSA Collegiate Postdoctoral Program 

The LSA Collegiate Fellows are engaged in a two-year postdoctoral fellowship during which they are engaged in research and teaching, and receive mentoring, in their academic departments, to prepare for possible tenure track positions at U-M. These scholars are committed to enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education, and have focused their scholarship, teaching, and/or service in this endeavor.

Diversity Scholars Network

The Diversity Scholars Network is a national network of scholars who are engaged in research that engages and equips members of society with critical ways to think about commonalities and difference that can be applied in a variety of ways to improve daily interpersonal and intergroup interactions, as well as the practices and policies of institutions and organizations.

Distinguished Diversity Scholar Career Award

The annual Distinguished Diversity Career Award recognizes a U-M faculty member for contributions to understanding diversity and addressing disparities in contemporary society through their research, teaching, mentoring, and public engagement across their academic career.

Distinguished Diversity & Social Transformation Professorship

The Distinguished Diversity & Social Transformation Professorship is a new program designed to recruit senior faculty members to join the community of diversity scholars on the University of Michigan campus. Professors will be appointed in their academic departments, but also hold appointments in NCID for 3-5 years to contribute to the community of diversity researchers and scholars.

Diversity Statements Research Project

Diversity statements are becoming a more frequently requested piece of the academic job application. This research project aims to understand the nature of effective diversity statements, as well as how they are used in the academic evaluation process. For this project, we are collaborating with Fiona Lee, Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Professional Development, LSA.

Scholar Story: Urmitapa Dutta

"Often when there is a lot of violence, it's very easy to categorize it as exceptional. But I wanted to look at how things that we consider fragmented are actually part of what's been going on for a really long time."

- Kevin Calhoun

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Scholar Story: Dominique Thomas

"Black students want to be valued. They aren’t just nameless brown faces that you can put on pamphlets to say that the school is diverse."

- Kevin Calhoun

Tags: National Center for Institutional Diversity; News; Scholar Stories; Diversifying Academia

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