We seek editors who are actively engaged in producing and disseminating diversity research and scholarship to a public audience. Spark editorial board members must adopt our social justice centric editorial board values to learn from and collaborate with our writers through an open-review process. Given the timeliness of our publications (our production cycles take about 6-months), editors must be available to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Provide an open-review for 4-6 essays throughout the 2-year term, following Spark review guidelines to offer constructive and developmental feedback that will lead to more publicly accessible essays.  
  • Attend 6 board meetings throughout the 2-year term with fellow editors that represent various academic disciplines and institutions.
  • Support in advancing the publications reach and impact efforts by disseminating to a broad readership. 
  • Provide feedback on the infrastructure and future of the publication. 

As part of the editorial board you may be invited to curate and lead a series. This includes developing a theme, reviewing and selecting pitches, and preparing for publication. Editorial board members are tenured, tenure-track, clinical and research faculty (including lecturers), research staff, or postdoctoral fellows.

Term & Compensation

Board members serve for two years (August 2023–August 2025) and receive a $1,200 stipend in two payments. University of Michigan faculty receive a research fund transfer instead of a stipend.