NCID student fellow Raúl Gámez and postdoctoral fellow William Lopez, along with director of the National Forum on Higher Education for the Public GoodBetty Overton, have published a paper in the Journal of Hispanic Higher Education. Congratulations, colleagues!


Mentors, Resiliency, and Ganas: Factors Influencing the Success of DACAmented, Undocumented, and Immigrant Students in Higher Education


Emerging research has explored the psychological and emotional challenges undocumented students encounter while accessing higher education, yet few studies have specifically investigated the factors that facilitate success once admitted. Semistructured interviews with former or current undocumented students suggest that factors such as mentors, individual resiliency, and the ganas to succeed affect students’ navigation strategies in higher education. Interviewees suggest solutions to institutional barriers that mitigate the negative effects of immigration status.