“The university has a rich portfolio of research, teaching and other activities that examine and address the role of racism in society,” said Provost Susan M. Collins. “I am pleased and proud to support this important work.”

The interdisciplinary collaborative will:

  • Offer a variety of seminars, symposia and panels for faculty, students, staff and other U-M affiliated communities focused on multidisciplinary topics around racism, racial equity and racial justice research.
  • Provide grant funding to support research innovation and engagement of anti-racism research for public impact.
  • Provide scholarly and professional development opportunities for scholars and students whose research focuses on racism, racial equity and racial justice.
  • Bring together small interdisciplinary groups of scholars to share ideas, projects and progress and leverage scholars’ respective expertise around research issues and challenges.
  • Offer small grants to support graduate student and undergraduate student engagement in projects focused on racism, racial equity and justice.

“The Anti-Racism Collaborative will work to identify, catalyze and support new connections, to promote interdisciplinary and intergenerational exchange and collaboration in ways that lead to new, innovative knowledge production, as well as enhanced sense of community and shared purpose,” said Tabbye Chavous, NCID director, associate vice president for research, and professor of education and psychology.“

As such, the collaborative is also a proactive strategy designed to support retention of faculty with anti-racist commitments through building a scholarly and action-oriented community.”

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