Date: May 18th-20th, 2016





The National Center for Institutional Diversity convened the members of our Diversity Scholars Network for the first time ever in order to to explore what the future of diversity research will look like in academia and what tools will be necessary to prepare the professioriate to perform and advance this research. Additionally, this convening marked a special announcement of the first publication released by our Network, "Transforming Understandings of Diversity in Higher Education". In bringing together our Network, the NCID sought to provide to our scholarly community opportunities to:

  • Connect with diversity scholars and develop a community for future collaboration;
  • Share and workshop cutting-edge diversity-oriented research for progress individually, socially, and in the field;
  • Engage in a forum that recognizes and rewards diversity scholars & scholarship;
  • Gain professional support from experts in academia, philanthropy, and publishing; and
  • Be at the forefront of the evolving multidisciplinary conversation about the future of “diversity” as an academic discipline.

Making Research Work


As part of this convening, we held a speaker series on the topic of "Making Research Work." The series focused on various "next steps" of scholarship available to academics and practitioners: how do we translate our scholarship to publishable pieces (in multiple formats); how do we convert that work to practice — making it accessible and useful for policy, public scholarship, etc.; how do we translate and market our work for a wide range of public audiences; and how do we make use of new technology to reach wider audiences and take advantage of multiple media formats?


Program Booklet