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Emerging Diversity Scholars Network


One key way that NCID seeks to advance its mission is through supporting the next generation of diversity researchers and scholars. Our new Emerging Diversity Scholars Network aims to provide graduate students with exposure to a variety of professional development tools, skills, and networks, to enhance their abilities to make impacts in their scholarship and practice.

Students become a part of this community through an application process in which they must demonstrate contribution or a commitment to diversity research and scholarship in ways that align with NCID’s Framework for Diversity Research and Scholarship. Students demonstrate their contribution or commitment through their research projects (e.g., collaborative projects with advisors/mentors/peers, independent research projects such as theses and dissertations, etc.).

At this time, the network is only available to University of Michigan graduate students in good academic standing.


Students will...

  • Participate in a community of emerging diversity scholars
  • Receive support in their diversity scholarship
  • Connect with mentors (faculty, staff, other professionals) in the Diversity Scholars Network
  • Learn about an array of methodological approaches used in diversity research and scholarship
  • Gain exposure to careers in diversity scholarship as well as receive support in their professional development

Application Requirements

The application includes the following:

  • CV/Resume
  • Letter of support from research advisor
    • Only need to provide research advisor’s name and email in the system
  • 250-500 word response to each set of questions:
    • Why do you want to join the network?  How do you think the network will help advance your professional development goals?
    • How have you demonstrated commitment or contributed to diversity research and scholarship?

The deadline to complete the application is Wednesday, December 13, 2017. Please check back on this page for information, and look out for announcements on our social media!