exploring the relationship of the object and the museum

LSA 2009/10 Theme Year

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Minor in Museum Studies

Launching of LSA interdisciplinary undergraduate minor in Museum Studies


29 museum related courses! (see complete course list)

Student Research Poster Show

Highlighting student research in different museums across campus (in collaboration with UROP); April 2010. For general information on UROP, visit www.lsa.umich.edu/urop

Film Series: The Museum on Screen

Click here for Film Series details.

Lecture Series: "A Day at the Museum"

A series of lectures featuring UM's Museum professionals discussing the challenges and trajectories of Museum careers. Open to the public. Click here for full details.

International Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference: Thinking about 'Things' (TAT): Interdisciplinary Futures in Material Culture

May 10-11, 2010: Rackham Auditorium
May 12, 2010: Helmut Stern Auditorium, UMMA

Thinking about Things

Thinking about 'Things' (TAT): Interdisciplinary Futures in Material Culture is a three-day international and interdisciplinary graduate student conference designed to explore material culture and the ways in which we create it, interact with it, use it, discard it, and study it. TAT seeks to engage graduate scholars from multiple disciplines and to provide a venue for traditional papers as well as alternative media presentations (TATart). The conference theme for TAT 2010 is "preservation," broadly interpreted. Panels will be arranged according to the following rubric of theme areas:

  1. Preservation in nature-preservation and decay with little or no human intervention (e.g. relics, ruins, remains).
  2. Human practices of material culture preservation (e.g. food storage, taxidermy, archiving, museums, 'green' culture and resource conservation).
  3. Preserving the intangible (e.g. memories, identity, social status) through the material.
  4. Aesthetics, ethics, prescriptions, politics and theory of preservation, conservation, and restoration of material culture.
  5. Meaningful objects and the museum-issues of preservation specific to the context of museums and museum-like institutions.
  6. TATart - Nontraditional submissions are invited in audio, visual, textual, and virtual formats.

Session themes are intended to be as inclusive as possible, a reflection of TAT's commitment to attracting submissions from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives. Please see www.tat2010.com for additional information.