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LSA 2009/10 Theme Year

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Frankel Institute Colloquium

Part of the Frankel Institute for Advanced Jewish Studies 2009-2010 Theme Year: The Culture of Jewish Objects

All events are held at 12:00-1:30 PM, Room 2022, 202 S. Thayer St.
Email JudaicStudies@umich.edu for additional information.

  • January 14
    Naomi Feuchtwanger-Sarig (Tell Aviv University)
    Reading Art: Text, Image, and Interpretation: Early Modern Ashkenaz as a Test-Case
  • February 4
    Judith Goldstein (University of Michigan)
    Jews and Rosaries: Intercultural Objects in Contested Spaces
  • February 25
    Shlomo Berger, (University of Amsterdam)
    Torah for the Masses, Books for Sale: Yiddish Bibles in Amsterdam
  • March 18
    David Stern (University of Pennsylvania)
    The Tegernsee Hagaddah: The Story of a Discovery
  • March 25
    Jason vonEhrenkrook (University of Michigan)
    Dangerous Images: the Jewish Idol Polemic and Constructions of Material Alterity
  • April 8
    Paul Reitter (Ohio State University)
    The Stuff of Generational Tension: The Expressionist Revolt and German-Jewish Material Culture