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How to Apply

Students admitted to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, may apply to the Michigan Research Community through the Michigan Learning Community application. Students will be guided to the Michigan Learning Community application after completing their online Housing application. Admitted students who pay the enrollment deposit will receive access to the online Housing Application in late March, or a few weeks after paying the deposit.

Students interested in applying to MRC will be asked to complete several short answer questions. The questions are:

  1. The Michigan Research Community (MRC) aims to build a community of students from diverse backgrounds and academic fields and to expose these students to the interdisciplinary nature of research and the breadth of its applications. MRC enhances our students’ undergraduate experience by providing them with a year-long, research experience with a faculty mentor, as well as an academic and social environment that supports their educational and personal growth. Based on this description of the program, please tell us why you would be a good candidate for membership in the MRC next year.
  2. Students in the Michigan Research Community (MRC) participate in year-long faculty sponsored research experiences through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP). If admitted to MRC, applicants would be committing to participate in a research experience, at least 6 hours per week, for the Fall and Winter Terms. Please tell us about the areas of research in which you are interested. Be as specific or general as you wish, and feel free to include multiple interests in different disciplines.  Research opportunities exist in departments across the University and include:
    • Biomedical Sciences (Medical, Dental, Nursing, Public Health, Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience, Genetics, etc.)
    • Social Sciences (Business, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, etc.)
    • Humanities (History, Art, Music, English, American Culture, Architecture, etc.)
    • Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Aerospace, Computer, etc.)
    • Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Math, etc.)
    • Natural Sciences (Environmental Science, Natural Resources, Animal Behavior, etc.)
  3. Please describe why you would like to participate in the residential Michigan Research Community, as opposed to the non-residential Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program.

For most students, the Michigan Learning Community application is due May 4th, 2017.  If you complete your University Housing application after May 6th, please contact us to see if MRC  is still accepting applications.  For more information about applying, visit the Michigan Learning Community application instructions.

MRC will not honor roommate requests made via the housing application. Additionally, Michigan Learning Commmunty applications take precedence over roommate requests. If admitted to an MLC, successful applicants' roommate requests may not be considered. Further, it is possible for one roommate to be admitted to MRC and the other declined.  

Beginning in early June, students will be contacted about the status of their applications to all of the Michigan Learning Communities, including MRC.  If MRC is the only program to which the student applied, the student will hear directly from MRC regarding admission status. Students may only be admitted to one Michigan Learning Community; therefore students may not be contacted directly by MRC if they applied to more than one program.  Michigan Learning Communities review applications in the order of preference indicated by the student in their application.

Each year MRC receives applications from more students than we can accept. For students that have not been admitted to MRC and are still interested in research, consider applying to the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP). UROP is a non-residential program which connects students with faculty-sponsor research projects. MRC is the residential affiliate of UROP. MRC and UROP have separate admissions processes. MRC and UROP work closely together.

Visit the Michigan Research Community

If you are going to be in Ann Arbor and would like to schedule a visit to the Michigan Research Community, please contact MRC Associate Director, Amanda Loh, at