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Meet Our Recruitment Team

Each year, MRADS selects a group of students to lead tours and interact with incoming students during Campus Day and other events the University of Michigan hosts for incoming students. By clicking on the names below, you can read more about each member of our team and their favorite memories of MRADS! 

Anju Jindal-Talib

Anju Jindal-Talib

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Major: Sociology with a Pre-Med Concentration

Research: I work at the ECMO lab on the medical campus where we are testing artificial organs like artificial lungs and placentas on sheep. Sheep have very similar anatomy to humans and the goal of my project specifically is to perfect the artificial lung to help bridge the gap for children with failing lungs waiting for transplantation or lung remodeling.

Favorite Memory: One of my favorite MRADS memories is the time we all played Mario Party, Just Dance and Wii Sports in the lounge.

Advice to Incoming Students: Take advantage of campus resources.


Alekya Lingamaneni

Alekya Lingamaneni

Hometown: Largo, Florida

Major: Business

Research: My research project with the Institute of Social Research aims to find out what respondents with different race/ethnic groups consider when rating self-rated health. To analyze our survey results, we have coding schemes to code the questions, including variables like whether the person mentioned physical health, mental health, etc. My role in the project is to translate Spanish responses to English and code the questions/responses.

Favorite Memory: My best memories in MRC/MRADS are with the community, one of the best facets of MRADS. One of my favorite MRC/MRADS moment is the talent show held in January. Not only were the acts fun, but throughout all of the performances the entire community was cheering everyone on. This supportive community has helped me adjust to life in Michigan and has made my U-M experience amazing.

Advice to Incoming Students: Make the best of your time at University of Michigan- meet new people, participate in activities or clubs you're interested in, and take a look around the beautiful city you're living in!


David Yang

David Yang

Hometown: Plano, Texas

Major: Economics

Research: I currently work in the UM Institute of Social Research to compile lower-house parliamentary election results from around the world. My research sponsor would give us raw elections data, and I will have to compile it in a standard spreadsheet.The Constituency-Level Elections Archive or CLEA has compiled over 1,786+ elections so far, and I've learned incredible things about electoral systems and political traditions from a diverse range of nations.

Favorite Memory: I would say the the tea times each month. MRADS always brought hot chocolate and hot tea to allow us to spend quality time with friends, staff members, and the community. You'll get to meet past students and catch up with everybody.

Advice to Incoming Students: Don't study all the time. Find something fun that you want to do in college, and you'll remember that long after you graduate. And GO BLUE!

Mallory Raven

Mallory Raven

Hometown: Lakeview, MI

Major: Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN)

Research: My first year, I did research in a chemical engineering laboratory. My project involved creating bicompartmental nanoparticles for the delivery of therapeutics like chemotherapy drugs.

Favorite Memory: I really enjoyed the end of the year symposium. Not only did I get to invite my family and show off my research poster to them, but I also got to see the awesome projects that my friends and peers had worked on all year. It was a proud moment and a great way to visualize how much we'd grown throughout the year.

Advice to Incoming Students: It's okay to be a little scared or nervous! Trust that there are people who want to see you succeed and don't be afraid to ask for help.


Brendan Whitney

Brendan Whitney

Hometown: Livonia, MI

Major: Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Minor: Spanish

Research: My interests concern organizations and how different psychological concepts can apply within then and between them. I hope to explore how self-distancing has an effect on decision-making in the near future.

Favorite Memory: My favorite MRADS memory has to be my sophomore years S.T.E.P.S, our peer bonding before the beginning of the academic year. The team that I was with was so much better at all the activities than my group was freshman year and it was just fun. Our community is something special.

Advice to Incoming Students: Apply to MRADS if you are looking for introductory research experience and a way to make to join a close-knit community within a large university. In terms of college in general, just be yourself and have fun. College is a place to have a blast, make lifelong friends, and learn a few things before you enter complete adulthood.

Leanne Olona

Leanne Olona

Hometown: Norman, Oklahoma

Major: Undeclared, (Humanities/Social Sciences)

Research: My project is education based and works to create a curriculum that introduces 9th grade students to social justice research. I help gather sources that were related to educational inequities in Michigan that the students could access. Students participating in the curriculum were also surveyed and I analyze their responses for any trends or interesting correlations.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory was one evening my Peer Mentor group spent together, outside of MoJo. We went out to eat dinner together and then went to Pinball Pete's (an arcade) to play games and have fun. It was relaxing to spend time with some of my close friends and explore a new part of Ann Arbor.

Advice to Incoming Students: Come to college with an open mind! Even if you think you know exactly what you want, or even what you don't want, push yourself to reconsider your opinions. You never know what things you may discover about the world, or yourself, by trying something new.


Manas Vemuri

Manas Vemuri

Hometown: Flemington, NJ

Major: Economics

Research: Teacher turnover is the rate at which teachers leave or move within the teaching industry. In order to determine whether or not this is a problem we compare the turnover rate to other similar professions. Using statistical analysis my project aims to determine whether the difference in turnover rates is significant.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory of MRADS is quite simple yet meaningful one. It occurred after the MRADS-WISE capture the flag game. Up until that point I had begun to meet some people but still wasn’t completely satisfied with what I was doing socially. Then one day out of seemingly nowhere a conversation sparked in the hallway and we spent almost an hour just talking. Since then I have continued to meet more people but I always look back to this moment.

Advice to Incoming Students: The one piece of advice I have for incoming students is to be willing to put yourself out there even if it feels uncomfortable at times.


Justin Macchia

Justin Macchia

Hometown: Jackson, Michigan

Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology/History

Research: My research project deals with different regions of the DNA sequence and how the architecture of the largely palindromic composition of DNA can affect gene expression, ultimately causing certain types of male infertility. In my individual research, I use molecular biology tools such as polymerase chain reactions, gel electrophoresis, TOPO cloning, and more to test the effect of gene expression of certain sequences.

Favorite Memory: My favorite MRC memory was during the first night when MRC held a board game night. These board games brought me together with my best friends! I remember I just met a group of people and we were all sitting in a circle, acting like we had known each other for forever! We are still close to this day!

Advice to Incoming Students: Do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone when college comes around the corner! Talk to new people, try new things, and challenge yourself and trust me things will work out!