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Meet Our Recruitment Team

Each year, MRADS selects a group of students to lead tours of our program and interact with incoming students during Campus Day and other University of Michigan hosted events. 

**Update** We are no longer holding tours please check out our instagram tour.

Adding to the significance of this moment is the reality that your class is being called upon to make a decision during unprecedented circumstances. We recognize that nothing can replace an in-person visit to the University of Michigan, so we will do everything we can to help you experience MRADS from where you are.


Please note, most Michigan Living-Learning Communities (MLCs) will have tables set up prior to the start of Campus Day starting at 7:30am and then will provide tours at the end of Campus Day around 2:30pm on Central Campus.

If you are an intersted student enrolled in the College of Engineering (CoE), please contact us a few days before your Campus Day visit, so we can arrange a tour for you at the end of the CoE tour. Click on the names below to see who your 2020 Campus Day Recruitment Team Members are! 

Steve Dunne

Hometown: Livonia, MI

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Mathematics

Ari Garner

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Microbiology


More about Steve

Research Project: I work in the UofM Pharmacy department on a mathematical modeling project. If we can make a model for the drug we are working on, we can make a better and cheaper treatment plan for tuberculosis, which affects millions each year. I love my project because it is interdisciplinary and teaches me about all the different research opportunities related to my interests.

Favorite MRADS Memory: My very first day at UofM, I remember meeting my mentor and making an instant connection. It was scary to get dropped into a new environment so suddenly, but I had someone looking out for me. Over the next few days I met who would become some of my closest friends, so I fondly look back on that first week.

Why did you join MRADS? I had always heard that 'research' was one of the best opportunities in college, and I wanted to see if it was for me. I was also looking for a community in college, and I heard that MRADS emphasized living and learning together. 

Advice to Incoming Students: No matter what, college will surprise you--it doesn't matter if you have a detailed plan and goal or are just figuring things out. Embrace this! Make new choices, meet new people, and learn from what follows. You'll be glad when it works out in the end.

More about Ari

Research Project: My research project focuses on the Toxoplasma Gondii parasite and its effect on humans. Through various wet lab processes, my lab works towards the goal of figuring out what areas of the human immune system are disturbed by the parasite. This research has a variety of real world applications that will pioneer new and exciting waves in the field of immunology. 

Favorite Memory: My favorite MRADS memory is the STEPS event during Welcome Week. This was a day where MRADS students were able to make initial bonds through problem solving and physical activity. This is my fondest memory because it was when I met my current friend group. This day’s activities initiated relationships that I continue to foster to this day.

Why did you join MRADS? I decided to join MRADS because I wanted a community that I could be apart of that would help me to accomplish my social and academic goals for my freshman year. MRADS is a combination of my goals because I was not only able to do research during my first year, but also given a community connected by our collective drive to research and discover.

Advice to Incoming Students: A piece of advice that I would give to incoming freshmen is to take advantage of the resources that are afforded to you as a student at the University of Michigan.

Carolyn Glasser

Hometown: Toledo, OH

Major: Biochemistry and Statistics

Lindsey Haughton

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Major: Public Policy

More about Carolyn

Research Project: We are studying RNA modifications and their role in the cell. We are creating a modified detection assay to more accurately detect these modifications. We hope that with this system, we can draw conclusions about binding kinetics with our DNA of interest.

Favorite MRADS Memory: Weekends! We do homework during the day, go to MRADS events, go downtown to get some food, and come back to watch a movie. Spending time with my friends in the program are my best memories.

Why did you join MRADS? I wanted a career in research, and this was the perfect opportunity to explore this passion at an early stage in my undergraduate career. I was also attracted to the professional development and opportunities.

Advice to Incoming Students: You were accepted here because you deserve it! Embrace everything Michigan has to offer. Michigan is hard, but work hard and enjoy your four years here.

More about Lindsey

Research Project: I collaborate with two students to encourage civic engagement among college students through research under the mentorship of Professors Rowden and Smotrich in STAMPS. We have conducted anonymous semi-structured interviews of peers to better understand the attitudes towards and experiences with registration and voting among college-age voters on campus. This spring, we will facilitate focus groups on issues that may confuse or challenge new voters.

Favorite MRADS Memory: My favorite MRADS memory is probably the "Spooky Blast" event. We ate candy, made friendship bracelets, wore costumes, painted mason jars, and played "Kahoot". 

Why did you join MRADS? Coming in as an out-of-state freshman to a big school, the promise of a supportive community and a unique network of advisors made me feel more comfortable. I wanted to learn how to conduct research, but I also wanted to learn to play Euchre.  

Advice to Incoming Students: Research has many different definitions, and it is important to support and encourage your peers! 

Ayush Patel

Hometown: Rosemount, MN

Major: Movement Science

Rachel Penny

Hometown: Trenton, MI

Major: Public Health

More about Ayush

Research Project: My research lab studies adipocytes in relation to metabolic disease. Essentially, we are focused on examining fat cells to see if genes are regulated differently between diabetics and non-diabetics, as well as between males and females. Genes that are regulated differently between various patients could be targeted for potential treatments. 

Why did you join MRADS? I joined MRADS so that I could have a support system to help me get involved in research, but also because I wanted to be a part of a tight-knit community from the moment that I stepped foot on campus for the first time.

Advice to Incoming Students: Get involved in lots of clubs and activities early!! That way you can see where you fit in and find your niche more easily.

More about Rachel

Research Project: My research examines the relationship between Chinese families and White children during the exclusion era of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Specifically, it considers the economic and social reasons for interracial adoption in America at a time of racial suppression. 

Favorite MRADS Memory: My favorite MRADS memory was participating in family feud. Although my team didn't win, it was hilarious to see the survey answers that members of the community reported.

Why did you join MRADS? I decided to join MRADS because of the supportive community it provides within a large university.

Advice to Incoming Students: Have fun, be yourself, and don't stress too much!

Aleija Rodriguez

Hometown: Monroe, MI

Major: Business

Minor: Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience

Hadley Samarco

Hometown: Midland, MI

Major: Computer Science



More about Aleija

Research Project: I study a protein called tau and how it interacts with a molecule called ubiquilin-2. My lab is focused on knowing how ubiquilin-2 increases or decreases levels of tau, which is a key indicator of Alzheimer's. I am researching what biological processes and proteins ubiquilin-2 uses to make sure tau levels don't reach levels of toxicity in the brain of mice.

Favorite MRADS Memory: The kickoff event before classes started where we all got to meet each other and learn about MRADS and the group was an amazing time. Though I was initially uncertain about why I needed to get up early to meet people who lived right by me, getting the chance to enjoy everyone's company in a relaxing environment helped me build friendships later on!

Why did you join MRADS? I've known for some time that research is central to my academic interests, but I wanted to make sure that my life didn't revolve around just school or work. I figured that MRADS would give me the opportunity to branch out and meet like-minded people who were also just figuring life out, and I was right. Everyone in MRADS has been incredibly nice and friendly and I know now, just as I suspected when I first applied, that MRADS has helped turn U-M into a home.

Advice to Incoming Students: Learn how to balance and prioritize! This includes mental health, academics, work, research, friends, social life, and more! One of the biggest struggles for first years is not knowing what to do with all the freedom and just spending countless nights up late but not setting aside time to work on the things that are needed. MyStudyLife is great for organizing academics (I've been using it for five years) and Google Calendar is a handy tool for putting your life into. Find a system that works and work on that crucial skill of balancing. Also, don't skip class, it really isn't worth it to miss it and have to make up that time later.

More about Hadley

Research Project: I'm currently working for the museum's research center digitizing specimens from the Forster dragonfly collection, along with the associated information for each specimen. All the data is then uploaded, where it can be sorted and organized based on criterion such as species, locality, and the like. Eventually this data will be used to map out the entire collection based on where the specimens are from, where they were collected, and who collected them. 

Favorite MRADS Memory: My favorite MRADS memory would be staying up late getting to know everyone in my hall, making some of my best friends, and forming lasting relationships with those around me!

Why did you join MRADS? I chose MRADS because I was looking for a like-minded, supportive community to make the transition to such a large college easier, and I also wanted to gain real research experience. 

Advice to Incoming Students: Please don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! I know it can be really hard, but you'll miss out on so many cool opportunities if you don't put yourself out there.