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Living ArtsEngine

"Living Arts helped me find my place in the university very quickly, and I found a great group of friends who were as passionate about making art-in all different forms and ways I was. Thinking about the creative process helped me examine my music making, and continues to inform how I approach the musical process. I’m so glad I joined this community."


"Applying to and being asked to join the Living Arts Community has been an amazing part of my Michigan experience. I've been fortunate to live with great people. I've worked on projects with so many creative minds and people who have perspectives very different from mine. I made my best friends here on my first day at U of M. I wouldn't change anything about my decision to be a part of Living Arts!"


"Living Arts surrounded me with the support I needed to wholly engage in the pursuit of interdisciplinary creativity. Living with peers who themselves wanted to act as bridges between different fields of research, and learning from professors who had successfully done so, I was able to find mentors and collaborators enthusiastic about transposing creative processes from one field to another. Coming into U of M and having this community that upheld the ideals of lifelong learning, experimentation, and discovery, while simultaneously focusing on friendship, silliness and the process of making was key to helping me understand what college is all about: taking agency regarding your learning process, by finding a group of people so excited about it, you can't help but have fun!"



"Living Arts has provided me with a strong community from day one, and exposed me to people with diverse creative interests and talents. Through Living Arts, I've had the opportunity to make unforgettable memories with the friends who I live and learn with. It has absolutely been my favorite part of coming to Michigan!"


"Coming to college I wanted a chance to meet people who were as passionate about their interests as I was about mine, and not only did I find that in Living Arts but I got the chance to learn about things I never would have considered otherwise. Especially as a cognitive science major I feel really grateful that Living Arts gave me the chance to work on art, music, and theatre projects, helped me make friends in all different colleges, and overall helped me find a community of smart, creative, generally awesome people. I think it’s especially cool that everyone in Living Arts has several interests they are passionate about, it means you will always be able to have an interesting conversation with someone and if you are an LSA student who is also interested in engineering or the arts it’ll be a really great place for you!"


"Livings Arts helped me learn more about my own creativity and the traits and interests of creative individuals that carry across disciplines. Coming out of the program I have a better understanding of the cutting-edge creative work being done in various disciplines throughout campus and the way that I as a creator can fit into this unique environment."