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About Us

Faculty-Student Interaction, Intellectual Engagement

Faculty will meet with you in the residence hall — or over lunch or dinner — for office hours, for fireside chats about research, ideas, and personal projects, or they invite groups of students to join them at art and cultural events on campus. You can take selected classes together and build friendships with their classmates, talk late into the night about books, assignments, and life goals, work together on community service projects, and collaborate on research projects.

Individual Attention, Lasting Friendships, Diverse Community

MLC programs are small, scholarly, and diverse communities that link intellectual ideas and good friendships that often last a lifetime. Students invite faculty to dinner and participate in study groups and sports teams. You will get the opportunity to create college learning communities with peers from a diverse set of social backgrounds representing a wide range of high schools across Michigan, the United States, and throughout the world.

Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom

Students join MLC programs because they know learning takes place 24-hours per day. In addition to special course offerings, there are always activities going on in the programs, including field trips, speakers, picnics, community service projects, sports, research projects, and so on.

Student Involvement, Student Leadership

MLC programs can give you the opportunity to stand out in college as an individuals and as a leaders. You will be able to organize activities, design creative programs, and help shape your community.

Transition from High School to College

The small size, friendly environment, special activities, and extra programs of the MLCs help ease the transition to college and supports students to be successful in achieving their personal goals.


Residential programs are located in a University Residence Hall and require you to live in the specific hall where the program is housed, so you may participate in just one residential program. Residentially-based MLCs all have in-house academic advisors, Community Learning Centers, a computing site, and live-in residential staff.

Varying Themes and Options

You can choose the program that best fits your personal interests. Programs have different requirements: more or fewer classes, larger or smaller numbers of students, and emphasize different types of activities. All programs work to create a supportive and caring learning environment for you. Visit the program websites for more detailed information.

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