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Cosmology with CMB-S4

Cosmology with CMB-S4 Workshop September 21-22, 2015

University of Michigan Alumni Center 
200 Fletcher, Ann Arbor, MI

Workshop Planning Committee

Jeff McMahon (University of Michigan) | John Carlstrom (University of Chicago)

Workshop Overview:

This workshop aims to further develop the science goals, including the requisite measurements to achieve them, for the next generation ground-based Cosmic Microwave Background program, CMB-S4. The output of the workshop will be a working draft of the CMB-S4 “Science Book.”  This is the first in a series of potentially biannual workshops focused on developing the CMB-S4 project.


Opening sessions will begin with invited plenary talks. These will be followed by a series of parallel breakout sessions, followed by plenary reports and discussion.

Workshop Participants

Peter Adshead     University of Illinois
Niayesh Afshordi     Perimeter / Waterloo
Zeeshan Ahmed     SLAC / Stanford University
Kam Arnold     University of Wisconsin, Madison
Jason Austermann     NIST / Boulder
Denis Barkats     Harvard University
Darcy Barron     University of California, Berkeley
James Bartlett     University of Paris, Diderot
Nicholas Battaglia     Princeton University
Bradford Benson     Fermilab
Colin Bischoff     Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Jamie Bock     Caltech
Julian Borrill     LBL / University of California, Berkeley
Victor Buza     Harvard University
Karen Byrum     Argonne National Lab
Robert Caldwell     Dartmouth College
John Carlstrom     University of Chicago
Clarence Chang     Argonne National Lab / KICP / University of Chicago
Hsiao-Mei (Sherry) Cho     SLAC
Steve Choi     Princeton University
Asantha Cooray     University of California, Irvine
Tom Crawford     KICP / University of Chicago/
Brendan Crill     JPL / Caltech
Rahul Datta     University of Michigan
Francesco De Bernardis     Cornell University
Jacques Delabrouille     CNRS / APC
Scott Dodelson     Fermilab
Olivier Dore     JPL / Caltech
Jo Dunkley     Oxford University
Rolando Dunner     Catholic University of Chile
Cora Dvorkin     Harvard University
Tom Essinger-Hileman     Johns Hopkins University
Gus Evrard     University of Michigan
Jeff Filippini     University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Raphael Flauger     University of Texas
Aurelien Fraisse     Princeton University
George Fuller     University of California, San Diego
Ken Ganga     APC / Paris-Diderot / IN2P3/CNRS
Daniel Green     CITA
Evan Grohs     University of Michigan
Salman Habib     Argonne National Laboratory
Nils Halverson     University of Colorado, Boulder
Shaul Hanany     University of Minnesota
Katrin Heitmann     Argonne National Lab
Colin Hill     Columbia University
Felicity Hills     University of Michigan
Gil Holder     McGill University
William Holzapfel     University of California, Berkeley
Johannes Hubmayr     NIST
Kevin Huffenberger     Florida State University
Dragan Huterer     University of Michigan
Kent Irwin Stanford     University / SLAC
Ryan Jean
Brian Keating     University of California, San Diego
Sarah Kernasovskiy     Stanford University
Reijo Keskitalo     Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Lloyd Knox     University of California, Davis
John Kovac     Harvard University
Ely Kovetz Johns     Hopkins University
Akito Kusaka     Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Charles Lawrence     JPL
Dale Li     SLAC
Eric Linder     University of California, Berkeley
Marilena Loverde     YITP / Stony Brook
Philip Lubin     University of California, Santa Barbara
Alessandro Manzotti     University of Chicago
Philip Mauskopf     Arizona State University
Jeff McMahon     University of Michigan
Pieter Meerburg     CITA
Stephan Meyer     University of Chicago
Joel Meyers     CITA
Amber Miller     Columbia University
Pavel Motloch     University of Chicago
Charles Munson     University of Michigan
Andrew Nadolski     University of Illinois
Michael Niemack     Cornell University
Walt Ogburn     Stanford
Stephen Padin     University of Chicago
Lyman Page     Princeton University
Vladimir Papitashvili     National Science Foundation
Olivier Perdereau     LAL / IN2P3/CNRS et Universite de Paris-Sud
Clem Pryke     University of Minnesota
Graca Rocha     JPL / Caltech
Aditya Rotti     Florida State University
John Ruhl     Case Western
Neelima Sehgal     Stony Brook University
Paolo Serra     NASA / JPL
Sarah Shandera     Pennsylvania State University
Christopher Sheehy     KICP / University of Chicago
Blake Sherwin     University of California, Berkeley
Erik Shirokoff     University of Chicago
Anze Slosar     Brookhaven National Laboratory
Suzanne Staggs     Princeton University
Radek Stompor     CNRS / APC, France
Meng Su     MIT
Osamu Tajima     KEK
Jesse Treu     Princeton University
Gregory Tucker     Brown University
Alexander van Engelen     Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
Joaquin Vieira     University of Illinois
Abby Vieregg     University of Chicago
Scott Watson     Syracuse University
Harry Weerts     Argonne National Laboratory
Ed Wollack     NASA Goddard
Ki Won Yoon     SLAC / Stanford University
Mijin Yoon     University of Michigan