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Conference Schedule

Circumstellar Disks & Planet Formation

Sponsored by the 
Michigan Institute for Research in Astrophysics (MIRA)

Sunday, October 12

2:00 Information and Poster Setup - Great Lakes Ballroom
  Early Disk Evolution - Fourth Floor Auditorium
2:30 John Tobin: Evidence for Disks in the Embedded Class 0 Phase
3:00 Sean Andrews: Resolved Protoplanetary Disk Structures and New Evidence for the Growth and Migration of Solids
3:30 Phil Armitage: Turbulence in the Outer Regions of Protoplanetary Disks
4:00 Coffee Break - Forum Hall
4:30 Karin Oberg: Chemical rings: Holes and Gradients in Protoplanetary Disks
5:00 Jonathan Williams: Where’s the gas?
5:30 Short Poster Advertisements
6:00 Reception and Poster Session  - Great Lakes Ballroom
9:00 Closing

Monday, October 13

  Disk Structure - Fourth Floor Auditorium
9:00 Catherine Espaillat: Tracking Planet Footprints in Dusty Disks
9:30 Stefan Kraus: Protoplanetary Disk Structure and Planet Formation Signatures Resolved with Interferometry
10:00 Sascha Quanz: High-contrast Imaging of Protoplanetary Disks: Probing the formation sites of (some) gas giant planets
10:30 Coffee Break - Forum Hall
11:00 Neal Turner: Signatures of Planet-forming Processes in Circumstellar Disks
11:30 Zhaohuan Zhu: Transitional Disks: Young Planets in Protoplanetary Disks?
12:00 Kaitlin Kratter: The Boundary of Planet Formation and Binary Formation
12:30 Lunch Break
2:00 Ilse Cleeves: A Critical Look at the Ionization Environment in Protoplanetary Disks
2:30 Kassandra Anderson: Photoevaporation of Circumstellar Disks due to External FUV Radiation Fields
3:00 Richard Nelson: Planet and Planetesimal Dynamics in the Dead Zones of Protoplanetary Disks
3:30 Coffee Break (twenty minutes)
  Planet Formation - Fourth floor Auditorium
3:50 Andrew Youdin: Unsolved Problems in Planetesimal Formation
4:20 Fred Ciesla: Planetesimal Collisions as Clues to the Early Dynamic Evolution of the Solar System
4:50 Wrap-up, depart venue by 5:00 pm
5:00 Transition Time
7:00 Conference Dinner
Grizzly Peak, 120 West Washington, Ann Arbor, MI

 Tuesday, October 14

  Planetary Dynamics and Formation - Fourth Floor Auditorium
9:00 John Chambers: From Dust to Protoplanets: Simulations of Early Growth in Proto-planetary Disks
9:30 Kevin Walsh: Formation of the Terrestrial Planets with LIPAD simulations
10:00 Hal Levison: The Formation of Planets from the Direct Accretion of Pebbles
10:30 Coffee Break - Forum Hall
  Planet Structure and Differentiation
11:00 Richard Carlson: Sampling Disk Heterogeneity and Collisional Erosion of Planetesimals in the Building of the Terrestrial Planets
11:30 Burkhard Militzer: The State of Water Ice in Giant Planets Predicted with Ab Initio Simulations
12:00 David Stevenson: Does Jupiter have a Heavy Element Core?
12:30 Lunch Break
2:00 William McDonough: Planet Structure and Differentiation
2:30 Lars Stixrude: Melting in Super-Earths
3:00 Konstantin Batygin: Viewing the Solar Systems Architecture Through an Extrasolar Lens
3:30 Coffee Break
   Exoplanets - 4th Floor Auditorium
4:00 Yanqin Wu: Kepler Planets: Back to the Origin
4:30 Emily Rauscher: The Interplay Between a Planet’s Atmosphere and its Global Evolution
5:00 Conference Wrap Up