Name: Nicholas Omichinski

Hometown: Saline, MI

Major: International Studies with a Sub-plan in Security, Norms, and Cooperation

Internship Placement: The Truman National Security Project

Why did you decide to do Michigan in Washington?

Back when I was a senior in high school, a good friend of mine participated in the program and told me of his experience. He encouraged me to apply when I eventually attended the University of Michigan. He has since graduated and still considers it to be the best experience he had during college. Even though I have only been in D.C. for a little longer than a month, I can safely say my friend gave me excellent advice.

What are some of the projects you have been working on at your internship?

I am an intern with the Membership Department at the Truman National Security Project, so I have been communicating with new members of the Truman Project and helping prep and
organize for the Class of 2018 orientations. I have also been helping to draft weekly newsletters sent to the Truman community. 

What elective are you taking and is there anything interesting you have been learning/doing for this class?

I am taking the public speaking/policy course taught by Professor Demessie. I have learned a
lot about the art of public speaking and effective techniques for communicating and have had the opportunity to hear advice from prominent speakers in the D.C. area.

What has been your coolest moment in D.C. so far?

I decided to take a walk one evening and ended up at the Washington Monument. I looked across the mall at the Capitol, and everything sort of mentally set in all at once. I took a moment to take in the sight and reflected on what an amazing opportunity I have been given.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the semester? 

I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue building my network of connections. This
is my last semester as a student at the University of Michigan, and I hope to land a job in the area after I graduate in April.

Anything else you want to share?

Make the most of the time and opportunities that are given to you. At the same time, don’t
forget to set aside time for yourself to relax and enjoy other interests.