Students in the Winter 2013 cohort presented their posters to prospective students and other guests at a session at the Michigan Union on Thursday, September 12 from 4-6 PM.  Students who spend a semester in DC produce a major research paper as part of their course requirements.  Posters are summaries of the information covered in the research paper, and a chance for students to share their ideas with others in the University Community.  Afterwards, students attend a debrief dinner with program director Professor Edie Goldenberg and discuss ways in which the experience was beneficial and changes that might improve the experience for future students.  Program alums help with recruiting when they return to campus and gather again in April for the senior sendoff.  MIW students who are seniors while in DC submit a video presentation of the poster session.  

Visit the MIW Facebook Page and Like your favorite posters before September 30 (three students will receive gift certificates)!