The MIW Welcome Banquet is a wonderful aspect of the Michigan in Washington Program.  In the first month of our arrival in DC, the MIW Board, Faculty, Mentors (UM alums who live in DC) and students meet and mingle at a buffet in the UC Washington Center.  It was wonderful dressing up, seeing our peers and having the whole group together!  Our four day a week internship schedules and evening classes don't lend too much time for all twenty two of us to be in the same room!

The Mentors and many MIW alums who now live in DC provided advice on living in DC along with terrific networking opportunities and business card exchanges.  As Michigan students, we are lucky to attend a university with a strong and dedicated alum group.   We enjoyed meeting Laurie Miller, the MIW Advisory Board President, and catching up with Professor Goldenberg, the MIW Faculty Director, who flew in to DC for the event.