Alexandria Pompei/Daily
CLAIRE HAO/Daily Staff Reporter

The Michigan Community Scholars Program celebrated its 20th anniversary at Palmer Commons on Friday night with a dinner, sing-alongs and remarks by community members. Over 50 people attended the celebration. 

MCSP is a learning community founded within LSA in 1999, focused on community service and social justice. Like other living-and-learning environments at the University of Michigan, MCSP students live and take classes together in the West Quad Residence Hall. 

David Schoem, founder and director of MCSP, opened the event by welcoming everyone back to Ann Arbor. He explained he created MCSP to be a force of good among competing social tensions.

“The challenge facing MCSP, today and in 1999, is in the face of despair and violence and hate in the broader society, how can we embrace and put all our positive and good together in an educational setting?” Schoem said. “In a community that actually lives and breathes and learns the values of dialogue and diversity … this has been the great opportunity of MCSP.”