Alternative Spring Break

A few weeks ago a group of MCSPers spent their spring break on a Michigan Active Citizens Alternative Spring Break Trip. The group worked alongside Cass Community Social Service in Detroit, Michigan. This organization works to locally combat urban poverty through a multitude of programs including their Green Industries, Tiny Homes initiative, along with providing safe housing, shelter, and programs for individuals affected by homelessness, developmental disabilities, and HIV/AIDS. The group engaged in a wide variety of tasks including meal preparation, organizational work, a tire hunt, mud mat making, and building maintenance. Through these experiences familiarizing themselves with the organization's program, staff, and the community it serves our group bonded, reflected, and grew in their service learning journey. More about the organization can be found here

Flint Justice Partnership

MCSP students lead initiatives to help educate their peers and spread awareness of social justice issues. One of those groups, the Flint Justice Partnership held its first event, a Flint Water Crisis Dialogue, educating 25 MCSP students about the Flint Water Crisis. Good work to the team for putting on a great event! This is just another prime example of MCSPers working above and beyond to help create change in communities.

Facilitating Diversity Work on Campus

MCSP prepares its students and coordinators to go out into the community and create social change, including through diversity initiatives. Shannon Van Gundy, who served as MCSP's Coordinator of Community Building, now leads the Identity and Diversity in Organizations milestone program at the Ross School of Business. She and peer facilitators run workshops that focus on incorporating and understanding social identity and diversity in a business setting. Several MCSP alums now work with Shannon to bring social justice topics to more students across campus.

Peer facilitators Jeffrey Zhang (Left, 2nd), Andrew Mei (R2, who is also MCSP's webmaster), and Matt Shapiro (R1) pose with Shannon Van Gundy (middle) at their weekly program meetings. MCSP alum and current teacher Dan Distler (L1) made a surprise visit too.

Seminar Class Reunion

It's remarkable to see how fast four years fly by! MCSPers who entered U-M back in 2015 are now wrapping up their last year on campus. Saying farewell is never easy, but many of these students are reflecting on the great experiences they've had in our community. Recently, students from David Schoem's Fall 2015 First-Year Seminar class reunited before graduating in May. David calls these students his "superstars" and is proud of all their accomplishments and future plans. 

Students pictured: Kevin Sweitzer, Ashley Tjhung, Kristien Greene, David Schoem, Maddie Sinder, Jacob Cutler, Kaila Wilson, Zainab Bhindarwala, Jillian Winfrey, and Sophia Sherry.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

When spring is here, that can only mean one thing: baseball season! During the University's mid-winter break, students and faculty/staff alike took the week off to enjoy warmer climates and hopes for an early spring. While traveling in Florida, MCSP director David Schoem ran into MCSP alum Joel Belfer at a spring training game between the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees. The duo rooted phanatically for their MCSPhillies!