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MCSPers - The Compassionate, Kind and Just

Messages from your MCSPhamily

Dear MCSPhamily,

Today is the last day of class. It has been a semester that we will all remember throughout our lives for the disruption and devastation that the coronavirus has wrought, but even more so for the resilience, love and compassion that each of us, our friends, family, and MCSP community, have shown towards one another and the wider society and global community.

It has been a privilege for me to be part of the MCSP community this year, to get to know you, and to be inspired by each one of you and your ideas, spirit, and commitment to creating a more just world.

In the midst of this time of social distancing, isolation, and despair, I hope you can step back and reflect on all the good from this year – the loving, lasting friendships you have made, the great teachers you have encountered, the intellectual breakthroughs you’ve experienced, the passionate individuals and organizations that you have participated with to further social justice, the dialogues and late night conversations that have allowed you to hear and engage with peers from different backgrounds and with different viewpoints, and the wonderful MCSPhamily nights and community activities that have helped us bond as a community and stay healthy and well.

Truly, MCSPers are the best of "the leaders and best" as we are "the compassionate, kind, and just." 

I wish each one of you much happiness and success going forward, and l look forward to hearing from you in the future with updates on your continuing efforts to create a more just society and world, and to live lives of meaning and fulfillment.  

Stay healthy and well,



MCSPers - As you complete your work for this year, please know that this is not an ending, but just a chapter in our lives. The world is reeling from many “punches” yet, we will keep on keeping on.  All of the reasons you joined MCSP still matter. And all of the social justice issues you have fought for are still important. Climate change is still real. Study hard and ask questions.

Let us not grow weary despite the size of the tasks before us. Let us work with others to heal our planet and each other. I am so proud of each of you and getting to know you has been a blessing to my life. You do make a difference! Go Blue! 

Take Care, Wendy



Hello MCSPhamily! 

It has been such a pleasure and a privilege getting to know you and this community over the past year! I knew before starting this role that MCSP was well-known for the dedication of its students to community service and social justice--but seeing firsthand both the impact you have and the enthusiasm you bring to service learning has truly been inspirational. It's no exaggeration to say that both the U-M community and local nonprofits are lucky to have you. I'm really sorry we can't celebrate your accomplishments in person right now, but please know that I and the rest of the staff are so proud of what you have accomplished and what you continue to do. I'm so grateful to have gotten to know such wonderful students. Stay strong, stay healthy, and thank you for welcoming me into this wonderful community! 

Best, Jeff



Dear students,

Congratulations on reaching the end of your school year! While these circumstances were certainly not what you planned for, I hope you are still able to reflect on your year and celebrate how much you have accomplished. As you continue with your time at the University of Michigan, remember that your MCSPhamily will always be there to support you. We are proud of you for reaching this point and excited to see what you'll do next! Good luck on finals, enjoy your summer, and stay healthy! 



Release Date: 04/21/2020
Tags: Michigan Community Scholars Program