Throughout the summer, MCSP will be highlighting any pictures or stories sent in by students, alums, and faculty/staff members to showcase exciting things happening in the MCSP community over the break. Although most of our MCSPers are away from Ann Arbor this summer, they are all doing a variety activities to have a productive summer. Whether it be taking classes, exploring the country and world, stepping into the professional world through an internship, or helping out their local communities, MCSPers are making an impact wherever they are this summer. Keep up with MCSP through this page with regular updates!

11 May 2017. MCSP alum Ha Ryong Jung (Michael) visiting Wendy Woods and David Schoem in the office. Michael is a 3rd year law student at Harvard and is in Ann Arbor for a law school conference on International Children's Human Rights. He entered MCSP in 2007--welcome back!