Years in MCSP: 2012-13 Participant, 2013-14: Peer Advisor for Community Service, 2014-15 MCSP RA, 2015-16: MCSP RA

What have you been up to since graduation?
I will admit that finding my way after graduation was a little tricky, but I think I'm beginning to figure out how to build my own path in the world of adulthood. During my AmeriCorps VISTA year in Colorado Springs, CO, I found a passion in connecting people of all ages and backgrounds with new resources, new opportunities, and new friends. Life has continued in Colorado, and I am currently living and working in Rifle, CO; however, I will be moving to Fort Collins this summer to start my MBA program at Colorado State University, focusing on making businesses more socially and environmentally responsible.

What are you currently doing now?
I am currently the Program Director of Garfield County Outdoors, which is part of a grant-funded Colorado-wide initiative working to connect youth and families with the outdoors.

How do you integrate social justice into your life post-college?
In my professional role, my work with Garfield County Outdoors is focused on breaking down barriers to outdoor access. Likewise, all of our programs are free and transportation and gear are provided when available. We are working to break down other barriers, such as language and striving towards representation of all backgrounds among both program leaders and participants. Additionally, I teach an environmental justice simulation lesson (which I based off the Sim City simulation from MCSP's UC 102 class) to local middle and high school students.

Personally and professionally, I am always seeking out ways to build my own understanding of the world and those within it through dialogue with peers, admitting what I don't know and pursuing ways to learn more, constantly questioning systems, and doing my best to break down stereotypes in conversations with peers.

What is your favorite memory about MCSP?
Having been a part of MCSP for four years, it's hard to pick just one favorite memory. I always enjoyed the first two days of MCSP where everyone comes together to do a low ropes challenge course and do a service project in the local Ann Arbor community. Not to be all sentimental, but every day was a favorite while in MCSP, and it was truly the best decision I made while at Michigan. MCSP introduced me to my best friends and taught me how to be a better, more vulnerable, more passionate, more aware, and more involved individual. Oh, but I'll never forget when we all did the Harlem Shake during MCSP retreat and when David shared that his favorite color is rainbow because he can't pick just one color!