Years in MCSP: 2011-2012- MCSP First Year, 2012-2013- Programming Board, Environmental Action Team 2012-2015- MCSP office assistant
What have you been up to since graduation?
After graduating in May 2015, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia with my boyfriend Eric Lytle (another MCSP 2015 grad) so I could pursue my Master’s in City and Regional Planning at Georgia Tech. At Georgia Tech, I focused my studies on housing and community development studies and researched the racial disparities homeownership and wealth accumulation. After graduating in 2018, I started working full time at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in the Community and Economic Development Department.
What are you currently doing now?
I work as an engagement analyst in the Community and Economic Development department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. I get to do a mix of research and engagement work around the topics of affordable housing, workforce development, community development finance, and so much more, all through an economic mobility lens. My department recently created an engagement team that I transitioned to in 2019, which allows me to meet more folks and help create actionable outcomes from the research we produce.  I love living in a new region of the country and am enjoying the opportunity to explore the communities I serve in the Southeast.
How do you integrate social justice into your life post college?
I have been fortunate to be able to integrate social justice in most of my professional work and educational pursuits. In grad school, my focus on housing and community development allowed to continue my studies in social justice, and discover how that pertains to the built environment. In my work at the Federal Reserve, I get to talk about social justice through an institutional lens, focusing on topics of economic mobility and resilience as well as racial equity.
What is your favorite memory of MCSP?
It’s hard to pick just one memory! I have so many great memories living in East and West Quad with my MCSPhamily. I remember a lot of the relationships I built during freshman year with both Alternative Weekends in Brightmoor and Alternative Spring Break in New Orleans. For Alternative Weekends, we would go spend the weekend once a month helping the Brightmoor community through planting, gardening, building, or running events, really whatever they needed us for that weekend! We also always made sure to pair fun with the service, whether it be late nights playing card games or giant leaf piles.