Former MCSP student leader Adam Brodnax recently wrote a piece featured in Michigan in Color, The Michigan Daily's publication on race, inclusiveness, and intersectionality. Adam integrates these ideas commonly taught within MCSP into a self-discovery story. As an adoptee from Vietnam, he reflects on his upbringing in a White American household, and how that has influenced his ethnic social identity. Through conducting genealogical research, Adam discovers what could have been if he had never left Vietnam, and as a result, gains an appreciation for his life in America yet remains curious on his continuous journey of finding his true self.

Click here to read Adam's piece, "Life lost, life gained."

MCSP is very proud of Adam and all its students who incorporate community values on diversity and social identities into their daily lives. Adam, a junior studying Business Administration, has been involved with MCSP since his first year at U-M, was a peer mentor last year, and continues to be part of the program through S.H.O.C.K.