Years in MCSP: 2010-2012 (PACS in 2011-2012)

What have you been up to since graduation?
I graduated in 2014.  After graduation I worked for a year doing public policy research and evaluation in Lansing.  I then returned to school for my PhD in sociology at Stanford.

What are you currently doing now?
I’m in my 5th year of graduate school.  I am currently doing my dissertation research in the Washington D.C. area.

How do you integrate social justice into your life post-college?
I’d like to think that my decision to pursue my PhD in sociology is a form of social justice work.  I was drawn to sociology because I think it is the discipline that best explains our world—how and why we relate to each other the way that we do.  In better understanding our ways of relating to one another, hopefully we can fix our more harmful, maladaptive beliefs and actions.  Outside of school I have found ways to live a social justice, service-learning oriented life.  I was involved in student organizing to push for more student and faculty diversity in our department, I volunteered as a teacher at one of the San Francisco county jails, I protest and petition for causes and issues I care about like immigrant rights and grad student affordability in the Bay Area.  I also think often about my consumption and ways I can reduce it.  Climate change is the most important issue of our time so I’m always seeking to live more sustainably.  For me, living a social justice oriented life is living a life with love and compassion.  Hopefully if we put that loving energy out into the world, we will receive that same energy back.

What is your favorite memory about MCSP?
I loved college and I loved my time in MCSP. During my first year of MCSP I loved spending time with my hallmates on the ground floor of the old East Quad—shout out to GLF! We were a raucous group, partying together and conversing quite loudly long into the night. We were also a loving and friendly group.  The purity of our innocence and playfulness gives me nostalgia.  I made many friends in that first year with whom I am still close. My second year of MCSP was equally enjoyable but in a different way.  I spent almost all my free time with my guys Andy Clark, Dan Green, Raqman Lewis, Donavan McKinney, and Max Miller.  We, too, were a loud, energetic, playful, and loving crew. We spent many nights watching basketball, playing NBA 2K, and making late night trips in Donavan’s red Chevy Lumina.  Some other memorable experiences were serving as a Peer Advisor for Community Service, participating in Alternative Weekends and Detroit Partnership Day, and meeting civil rights activist Rev. Dr. Bernard Lafayette Jr.