Years in MCSP: 2013-2014 IRC, 2014-2015 IRC, 2015-2016 worked as the DPE in West Quad with MCSP

What have you been up to since graduation?
Upon graduating, I carried out a self-directed service project in Cape Town, South Africa through the Raoul Wallenberg Fellowship. I used culturally relevant children’s literature to facilitate collaborative youth programming through reading clubs, field trips, and workshops to develop self-confidence and purpose in black children in South Africa. I have continued leading similar programming since returning to my hometown Detroit, Michigan through the organization I founded, Story Shifters. I have also worked with local, like-minded literacy organizations including InsideOut Literary Arts and Wellspring.

What are you currently doing now?
Currently, I work for Wellspring Detroit, which is a youth programming non-profit in Brightmoor, serving as a literacy specialist for elementary students. I am also running a volunteer program called the GenPen Project in Warren E. Bow Elementary on Detroit's west side, where I have volunteers connecting with second grade students through storytelling. This fall I plan to start graduate school to continue to expand my knowledge and understanding of global youth development.

How do you integrate social justice into your life post-college?
MCSP helped me to develop the skills to unpack inequity on a structural level, which has served as a foundation for the way that I approach injustice through my career goals. My work in education and literacy is as much about building relationships with community members and stakeholders as it is about understanding the policy and curriculum that have contributed to creating the current state of the educational system. I seek to share what I learn and add to it from listening to other community members' experiences and knowledge.

What is your favorite memory about MCSP?
One of my favorite memories about MCSP is from my first semester. I started getting really involved with the Intergroup Relations Council, which was at the time run by Maya Williams and Rebecca Christensen. One night before a dialogue we were planning, the three of us made a Meijer run to get snacks for participants. It ended up taking a long time to finish this trip, because we spent so much time talking about social justice, life on campus, and just life in general! This was the beginning of a trio friendship I hold very dear to my heart.