Every year, MCSP accomplishes many feats in the fields of community service, diversity learning, and community bonding. This year was no exception. The entire MCSP community, from current students, to staff, and even alums, came out to the annual End-of-Year celebration. The celebration highlighted the accomplishments of the year, showcased the events that MCSP held across campus and the community, and honored MCSPers for their commitment towards the values of the program. First-year student Tosin Adeyemi and sophomore student leader Max Joarder gave student testimonials (see Tosin's speech below). Performances were given by the Smile Bringer Singers and Students Helping Others Choose Knowledgeably (S.H.O.C.K.), and also included spoken word and poetry segments. Graduating seniors were honored with MCSP cords, and shared their future plans with the entire community. 

Special recogntion was given at the event for parting members on the MCSP staff team. The staff members worked tirelessly throughout the year to help MCSP students succeed within the program. MCSP thanks the dedication of Amanda Champagne, Justin Gawronski, Georgia Handforth, and Shannon Van Gundy for their years of service to the program and community. All four are either continuing their higher education programs or doing extensive community programs. Thank you for your service! And thanks to the entire MCSP community for another great year. MCSP cannot wait to return this fall with a new group of student leaders and staff to welcome the next class of Michigan Community Scholars. 

"MCSP has made my Michigan experience so fulfilling and special, and I cannot imagine what my first year would be like without MCSP... In addition to available service learning opportunities, what struck me, and I can imagine what struck many of us as first-year students, was how diverse the program was. There’s diversity in academic interests, where students consider home, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, and more... We also dedicated time this year to uphold MCSP’s value of impact on the larger U of M campus... The MCSP value of creating a safe and accepting environment was eminent through the support network from the staff, and my peers. MCSP is such a great community because we are cognisant of people’s feelings, especially if there are tensions on campus, and respectful and empathetic people... As first-years, we’re new to campus, but MCSP has equipped us with experience talking to a diverse group of people in meaningful and substantive ways. Overall, our engagement around campus outside of MCSP has reached people, so I’ve become more and more optimistic about the way we influence campus on a daily basis."

- Tosin Adeyemi, "First-Year Student Speech"

"When one person needed help with absolutely anything, there were always fellow MCSP-ers lined up to ensure you would succeed in everything you did... I realized that all of MCSP was my family. I have met some of my closest friends through this learning community and they are ones that I can’t imagine not being in my life at all... Participating in even the smallest of events can help you feel great about yourself. I have been afforded to the opportunity to get to know most every person in this room, and I think myself lucky for this very reason... David and Wendy are two of the nicest and greatest people on the face of this earth. Without them, MCSP would not be as much of a community, as effective at bringing about social change, or even exist at all. They are the glue that holds this whole community together and brings together new families each and every year. I am truly thankful that I have been a part of this program and I will truly miss it when I leave, but I like knowing that MCSP will continue doing for new classes of U of M students what it has done for me."

- Max Joarder, Peer Mentor, "MCSPeech"