Making the World a Better Place

From entering and living in East Quad back during their first year on campus, to leading campus organizations and driving change in their communities their senior year, the MCSP Class of 2018 has truly left an impact on the community. For many, MCSP provided a foundation for them to start their college careers: a foundation of friends and connections that last throughout college and life, a foundation of knowledge for diversity and social justice education, and a foundation of skills to embark on community service and change initiatives wherever they go - truly becoming Community Scholars. MCSP has enjoyed seeing these students grow and accomplish new feats throughout their four years on campus, and they are a testament to how powerful of a living-learning community that MCSP is. These graduates will take the values and lessons learned in our community into their careers, continuing education plans, service projects, or any other future endeavors. MCSP is extremely proud of these graduates, and will know they will continue to drive change in their communities. Best wishes to all graduates, and please stay in touch with your MCSPhamily! Go Blue and Go MCSP! 

Leading and Transforming Others

Chloe Henderson, a resident advisor in MCSP, deliverered the Student Commencement Address at the College of Engineering's graduation ceremony. Chloe reflects on her journey from Detroit to Ann Arbor, her education at Michigan, and her work with community service and diversity initiatives. Chloe strives to incorporate her technical background with her passion for social justice to better her community. Congratulations Chloe! 

Click here to watch Chloe's speech!

Entering the Alumni Community

Commencement is a time for celebration that brings family and friends together. While MCSP graduates are walking across the stage at ceremonies across campus, many MCSP alums return to Ann Arbor to celebrate their family members and friends on their accomplishment. Pictured here is MCSP director David Schoem with MCSP alums and former RAs, Alex Ocampa and Aesha Mustafa, celebrating the graduation of Shaina Sondakh Dorantes, daughter of former MCSP faculty member Maria Dorantes.