At a campus-wide talk on October 24, 2016, before a packed Rogel Ballroom in the Michigan Union, Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, President Emerita of Spelman College, who is revising her widely-acclaimed book for a 2017 publication to be re-titled, Why Are All The Black Kids Still Sitting Together in the Cafeteria and Other Conversations About Race, told the audience that she has been actively looking for “signs of hope and sites of progress” to conclude her book on a more positive note. She then spoke of three signs of hope around the country that she hopes to include in her book, including one at the University of Michigan - the Michigan Community Scholars Program, which she described as "a model living-learning residential program with cross-group dialogue at its center."

The video recording from the talk is available below. Click the blue button for the portion when Dr. Tatum discusses MCSP and its work. The full talk is linked below the button, and the MCSP portion begins at the 1:13:10 mark.