After graduation, Aesha enrolled in the University of Michigan’s Master ofSocial Work program. After graduating with her MSW degree, she soughtemployment that would unite her passions of social justice, empoweringcommunities, and mental health.

Aesha currently is a 3rd year Ph.D. student studying Higher Education atMichigan State University. Her research explores faculty experiences inresidential learning communities. She also works as a mental health therapistat Integrative Empowerment, a private practice in Ann Arbor/Ypsilantispecializing in promoting the mental, emotional, and personal growth of peopleof color and the LGBTQIA community.

The single most crucial thing Aesha has taken from her experience in MCSP isthat social justice can be more than an extracurricular activity. Whether she iscreating a safe and affirming space for her clients or engaging in her doctoralcoursework, she continually considers how multiple oppressions in the currentsocietal and historical context may contribute to our experiences.

Aesha’s favorite memory about MCSP occurred not long ago at the MCSP20th anniversary. The celebration of MCSP’s 20 years served as a beautifulreminder of the role MCSP played in current and past students, faculty’s, andstaff’s lives. Aesha’s closest friends continue to be the students she met inMCSP. She is forever thankful to MCSP for helping her to cultivate acommunity in her undergraduate education that has lasted a lifetime.