Years in MCSP: 2004-2005

What have you been up to since graduation?
Since my time with MCSP, I have taken a winding road away from, then back to Ann Arbor. First, I finished my BA at Indiana University, where I was able to continue my interest in working with youth and education issues. I spent three years at IU as an Advocate for Community Engagement coordinating service- learning students at a local elementary school. After undergrad, I then continued that focus on education advocacy while obtaining a master’s in social policy and a law degree as far away as England and California. For the last several years, I worked on a PhD in history in New Jersey, completing it just last year.

What are you currently doing now?
I’m back at Michigan! I am currently the inaugural Faculty Fellow and visiting assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Law. I plan to stay here after the fellowship and am looking forward to growing roots in Ann Arbor!

How do you integrate social justice into your life post-college?
The same concerns and questions that drew me to MCSP fifteen years ago now motivate my legal and historical research. Although my studies have taken me away from a primary focus on direct service work, my research continues to focus on issues of power and inequality. I research and write about rural legal history in the Midwest, examining how race, class, and gender affect rural legal experience. My interests in education equality also continue to find their way into my research but are also expressed in my commitment to public universities. I’m looking forward to spending my career helping make a public university the best in the country!

What is your favorite memory about MCSP?
My time in MCSP was deeply formative of how I navigated my education and career that followed. As someone who has remained in higher ed for more than a decade after MCSP, it’s not surprising that I have many good memories of being in class with Professor Schoem and others. MCSP faculty taught me so much—not just about how to combat inequality and value diversity, but also how to integrate a social justice mindset into my teaching, scholarship, and daily life. My coursework with MCSP formed the foundation of the many years of education that followed. Those classroom experiences and the mentorship I received during MCSP continue to inform how I approach teaching and mentoring now as a professor as I hope to pay those kindnesses forward.