Undergraduate Student Inclusion at the University of Michigan

"The overall question this research project addresses is how social identities, and especially racial identity, affect students’ feelings of inclusion on campus. We are further interested in exploring what role, if any, the University has in shaping those feelings. Underrepresented minorities (URM) at the University of Michigan have expressed feelings of exclusion from the larger community through social media campaigns such as #BBUM and the Michigan in Color student viewpoints in the Michigan Daily student newspaper. There is a great need for empirical evidence detailing URMs’ feelings of exclusion in order to gain the necessary knowledge that may facilitate community change. Additionally, greater understanding of when and how inclusive environments are fostered at the university can inform policies and programs that improve the university experience for all students. Through this project we will explore students’ experiences with feeling included and/or excluded on campus so that, ideally, we can better understand the role that various structures, such as classroom exercises, student organizations, and campus programs, may play in helping the University develop a culture of inclusion."

Picture and text from Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. 

Principal Investigator Sara Soderstrom is an Assistant Professor in Organizational Studies and the Program for the Environment (0n the right in photo) , Research Team Members  (from left to right) Terra Molengraff, Sara Cohen and Dan Green are students at the University of Michigan