MCSP students will be presenting at a session this week at the American Association of Colleges and Universities Conference in Chicago on Diversity Learning and  Student Success: Policy, Practice and Privilege. Their session is titled "Students Talk About Developing a Social Justice Identity: The Michigan Community Scholars Program." 

     Students participating include: Zain Halawani, James Henry Blattner, Hannah (Nan) Boyle, Meredith Burke, Kimberly Cui, Jeane Em Dubose, Lello Guluma, Mark Haidar, Sam Lowenthal, and Matthew Williams. Accompanying the students are MCSP staff David Schoem, Rebecca Christensen, Jessica Weed, and Maya Williams. 

      Congratulations to all of these great MCSP students on their first academic presentation at the national level!

      As part of the travels to Chicago, these current MCSPers will be meeting up with MCSP alumni in Chicago for a festive gathering and reunion!