Forrest Cox

Cox was featured in the "Student of the Year" series and considers himself a cultural ambassador for Native American Student Association (NASA).  This year he was a key organizer of the 40th annual Ann Arbor Dance for Mother Earth Powwow held at Pioneer High School on Saturday. Cox also won the MLK Spirit Award — an award given to University students who show excellence and potential relating to leadership and civil rights.

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Sandya Kajeepta and Sam Morykwas

After years of University students merely limiting community service work to volunteer days in Detroit, students in the Michigan Community Scholars Program residential learning community formed the Brightmoor Youth Garden Partnership, an organization that aims to develop long-term partnerships with Detroit’s Brightmoor community.

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Paige Taliaferro

Each year, employers get away with treating their workers like slaves. Yes, I am talking about employers in the United States, not India. The metro Detroit restaurant industry gets away with paying salaries that only allows around 13 percent of their employees to make enough money to live.  Taliaferro makes the case for improving the wages of restaurant workers.

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